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Vertel Digital is a leading provider of world class Wireless-Radio communication equipment. Recognised as Category 1 manufacturer with the Global DMR association, Vertel is amongst the first in India to manufacture superior Digital Radio products from its state-of-the-art facility. With over 100 years of Team experience in serving the Government and Enterprise segments in India & South Asia, Vertel walkie talkies has built a strong reputation in the industry through constant innovation in design and manufacturing using European technology standards.

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LF is a user-friendly Wireless-Radio communication equipment that works on 446-446.2 Mhz frequency band. It is easy to carry and it’s long-lasting BIS Approved 1400mAH Li-ion battery is ideal for professional users at business management sites, security agencies.

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Team Talky

Team-Talky is an advanced high specification feature Private Mobile Radio. It is built for business professional users who need to keep in touch at small events, business sites. Noise-free communication along with Long-lasting battery provides endless communication.

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Smart Talky

Smart-Talkie is an advanced Wireless Radio. Crystal clear sound technology, Rugged and Sturdy body along with long-lasting battery never lets you down. It is very user-friendly and built for professional users who need to stay connected at construction sites, events.

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